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If you have been battling with low sex drive, it's important in finding out what may have been causing it. You can't all of a sudden just start losing interest in sex, something must have triggered it. Sex drive killers make it so hard for men to have sexual desire. It can make the desire to have sex not to be there or totally absent. tales of demons and gods light novel

It is a health issue that can arise as a result of psychological or physical problem. Sexual desire is most active when there is a normal male hormone in the blood and a certain attraction for the partner. Any of the below discuss list of sex drive killers can distract a man from achieving an erection during sex.

1. Sleep Deprivation

A good night's sleep helps to improve sexual drive. According to journal of Sexual Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical School, they examined the sleep and sex patterns of 171 female college students for a period of 14 days. Some important factor that could hinder the desire for sex was used such as the participant's age, use of drugs, birth control and more.

After the research, they were able to find that every extra hour of sleep the women had raises their desire to have sex by 14 percent. In other words, sufficient sleep increases human sex drive and insufficient sleep makes human to lose interest in sex. You can get medical help if you are having insomnia that's contributing to your loss of sex drive. true martial world

2. Erectile Dysfunction

This is a health issue that makes it difficult for men to achieve and maintain long lasting erection during sex. Some men sometimes find it difficult maintaining an erection due to physical factors but it raises a concern when the issue occurs frequently. Erectile dysfunction is the result when it happens all the time and there are many things that can cause erectile dysfunction. It can either be physical or psychological.

An erection occurs when there is normal flow of blood into the penis but this process is hard to achieve with any man diagnosed of erectile dysfunction. Men that are faced with ED find it difficult having the urge for sex. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction just know that all hope is not lost as there are medication to manage it which will enable you to have strong urge for sex.

3. Depression

Someone can be depressed after a job disappointment, or bad breakup from a loved one. Stress mostly result from feelings of emptiness, headache, instability and low libido. An experience of a very horrible scene can make someone to be disconnected during sex. It will be hard to feel the urge of having sex when your mind is not with your partner. It can make you to have no desire, no interest, and totally out of touch with your partner during sex. You can't even respond to your partner touch when you are depressed.

There are so many people who struggle with depression every day. A report from the National Institute of Health, suggest that about 6.7% of adults in America battles with depression each year. Depression makes men and women to lose interest when it comes to sex. The good news is that depression can be managed and treated medically. You just have to meet with your doctor for the best solution.