Blue Flower


People who has already read the summary who're really worried about age difference: Vivi is NOT a pedophile. He truly loves Hana, but isn't sexually atracted to her till she grows up. Okay, let’s move along!

 Battle through the heavens

There are certainly a number of explanations why I really like this [Battle through the heavens] light novel. I simply enjoy the publishing as well as the figures. It’s unhappy and humorous in similar elements, and also the improvements in feeling aren’t jarring whatsoever. The piece, whilst not an unusual idea, is effective, and that I such as the path Oto-sensei required to Akuma with Hana a great deal.


Vivi does, in the beginning, appear to be an average aloof shoujo hero. And he's, to some certain degree. Regardless of this, Vivi results in in my experience as somebody who isn’t really socially good, that will be something which isn’t not so common within the real life. But what I really like reaches the finish of the light novel, he nevertheless maintains that same character, however it doesn’t experience compelled whatsoever – it only looks not totally flat. Yes, him did alter like a person, however it didn’t alter his personality's key. Additionally, his aloofness coupled with exhibits of empathy and kindness do not appear counterfeit in my experience, instead of simply an effort from the writer to help make the hero appear likeable.


I like Hana a great deal. Because she's precisely that – a young child childishness works. You will find while being in senior school, but due to Hana’s era, her actions don’t appear compelled whatsoever different shoujo heroines that work in an identical method. Additionally, I like the psychological maturity she grows within the second-half of the light novel, and that I cried truly within the last five sections during these plot developments. Incidentally, Hana like a kid is among the sweetest children I've previously observed (=^_^=). I can’t think when she laughs – it’s unfathomable Vivi makes furious faces!


I don’t actually understand how to experience Velten (or Felten, should you choose). Their motives, while they appear legitimate and completely audio, type of pissed off me. Stating since his father was is that he’s a playboy, properly, not although not unusual in shoujo light novel, but really a quality I especially enjoy. That said, I believed Velten’s relationships with Vivi and Hana were truly entertaining. Because she truly comes with a tough period of it additionally, I truly sympathized with Eleanor. I discovered Eleanor truly likeable like a personality – Velten truly does deserve it, though she does have that crazy talent that many of light novel figures have. LOL.

 Bringing the farm to live in another world

Apart from that, I truly loved the entire outfit, aside from Klaus, who I thought was type of useless.


Where so when specifically does this light novel occur something I've to request though –? After all, the demons all wear western-style clothing, while at college, her schoolmates and Hana are carrying Western-fashion clothing. The hakama can be used like a student standard, and it’s also stated that education women was unusual until a bit prior to the moment Hana began college, therefore it possibly points towards the light novel happening within the later area of the Edo period or even the Meiji period. That is only my guess.


Additionally, you will find Western festivals aswell (Hatsumoude etc.) Today, this all could indicate this taking place in China, except that Vivi lives in a huge western-style fortress that no body appears to believe has gone out of location. Strange? I believe so.


On another notice, the closing of the light novel deserves its mention.

I. LIKED. THE ENDING. SO GREATLY. It was excellent. It tangled up the knots all. After I observe that last cell, and after reading it three distinct occasions, I cry only a little. I truly don’t wish to provide it away, so I'll say is if you're a shoujo fan or anyone who [read light novel online], you need to see it!



The artwork is really good. There are times where I believe it occasionally lacks polish, but the quality is still good. The apparel as attracted by Oto-sensei is fairly and great, mixing Western and developed types of clothing effortlessly. The child version of Hana, Vivi, Felten and Eleanor are too CUTE and Adorable!